Sustainability, Institutions, Incentives: Voices, Policies and Commitments

as part of

Ninth INSEE Biennial Conference, 2017

Date : 8 to 10 November 2017
Venue : Kerala Institute of Local Administration


How do we as a generation sustain our "spaceship earth" ? This has been a central thematic area for those working in the broad sphere of Ecological Economics and sustainability science. This goal of sustainability is intricately linked with human behaviour and anthropogenic pressures which are often transmitted through institutions. History shows that institutions evolve, transform or wither away due to changing incentives faced by individuals and communities. Institutions get moulded by changing societal process, technology or even extreme events (among other factors). Individuals and groups voice their choices through formal and informal mechanisms, and participate in decision-making. When, how and where do their voices get heard? How do policies get framed and implemented? What roles do trust and power relations play inour commitment to sustainability?


KILA and INSEE propose to provide a platform for inter-disciplinary engagement on these issues to students, researchers, practitioners and policy-makers at INSEE's 9th Biennial Conference organized jointly with the Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA), Thrissur, Kerala at KILA from 8th -10th November, 2017.

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